Teaching Best Practices
in the Center for Teaching and Learning

Teaching support 

The CTL introduces, supports, and encourages Marian faculty to use research-based best practices in teaching and learning to educate their students.  We support online and face-to-face teaching strategies through one-on-one consultations, small-group training, workshops, and major events. The support we provide is grounded in research-based practices for highly effective university teaching.

Types of teaching consultations we perform include classroom observations, small-group analysis (student feedback), and one-on-one consultations during which we can discuss strategies such as how best to carry out a classroom project, flipping your classroom, motivating your students, creating a learning-centered classroom culture, and more.

If questions arise about teaching online or through Canvas, we offer a host of resources and templates to get you started on the right path.  Plus, we encourage you to come in for individual consultations to learn specifically what you need for your courses.


‚ÄčThe focus of our consultations is to support your teaching goals in order to increase your student learning. We do this by partnering with you to provide feedback. As with any good partnership, trust is key which is why our teaching consultations are private and confidential. 

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