Transfer Applicants

Due to the integrated nature of our curriculum, MU-COM accepts transfer applicants in rare circumstances only. All transfer students are required to meet the mission statement principles and the educational goals as published in the Student Handbook and Catalog. These goals are consistent with the overall mission of the institution.

Transfer Requirements

  1. Be in good academic standing at a COCA accredited or LCME accredited medical school at the time of transfer to MU-COM.
  2. Complete a minimum of the last two years of training at a college of osteopathic medicine.
  3. Show convincing need for the transfer.
  4. Have a letter of eligibility to transfer from the dean at the prior college attended. Applicants must have a written letter from the prior medical college documenting eligibility for continued attendance, reason for transfer request, and level of prior course work completion.
  5. Be eligible for continued attendance or for re-admission to their current/prior medical school to be eligible for consideration.
  6. Obtain a passing score on the first attempt of all applicable licensure exams.

Students are not accepted to transfer in the middle of an academic year. In reviewing course equivalencies the dean and associate deans will review the transcript prior to acceptance. The final decision will be made by the dean.

Course equivalency determination may require communication with the medical college from which the student is transferring and a review of the published course description. In the case of transfers from an LCME accredited allopathic medical school, most COMs will require a minimum of 200 additional contact hours in training for osteopathic manipulative medicine, physical diagnosis, and osteopathic philosophy of care. A letter delineating the course equivalency for transfer courses accepted will be placed in the file of the transfer applicant as a part of the permanent record. The courses will be listed on the transcript; however, credit will be designated as granted by the original institution.

MU-COM does not accept transfer students from international medical schools.

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